Monday, 1 April 2013

Off The Shelf 2013.....Completed!!!

So, I have completed my Off The Shelf 2013 challenge of 15 books - and I was done by the end of March! I am obviously going to continue reading but won't be blogging anymore about the challenge.

So I not only ended up finishing Karin Slaughter's Blindsighted & Indelible but also managed the only other book of hers I have in my collection called Genesis - all brilliant books. I have managed to start on my Patricia Cornwell collection but that will be that for the reading blogs - for now at least.

It is amazing how quickly in this time of technology we forget the wonder and joy turning the pages of a good book can bring us. I've been in to Waterstones' recently and it is absolutely wonderful seeing little kids practically dragging their parents into the bookshop so they can get immerse themselves in the amazing world books can offer.

Anyhow, I can wax lyrical about books forever if you let me and I do have plenty of things to be getting on with so signing off for now.

Congratulations to me though!

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